Exterior bodywork & glass

£19.39 (exc. VAT)
A waterless cleaner for dirty surfaces including paintwork. Simply spray on and wipe off to remove dirt then polish off for a wax finish. See Product Information sheet below...
£6.92 (exc. VAT)
Genuine, top quality chamois leather measuring approx 2.5 sq. ft.
£5.73 (exc. VAT)
Contains 5 top quality microfibre cloths.
£2.86 (exc. VAT)
A professional wheel brush to help the cleaning of alloy wheels.
£20.88 (exc. VAT)
A ready to use, specially formulated water based treatment for all types of glass surfaces. Its hydrophobic properties actively repels water and protects against resoiling....
£23.98 (exc. VAT)
A hydrocarbon solvent suitable for softening and removing tar spots from vehicle paint work.  Also useful as a general purpose industrial solvent. See Product Information...
£18.00 (exc. VAT)
A specially formulated tyre dressing to impart a natural and attractive new appearance to rubber tyres, car mats and other rubber parts on vehicles.  Ideal for showrooms and...
£11.54 (exc. VAT)
A pleasantly perfumed hard surface cleaner for paintwork, upholstery, floors, walls etc. also suitable for pressure washers for vehicle bodywork. See Product Information...
£13.79 (exc. VAT)
A concentrated car shampoo with added wax for all car washing applications. It is a high foaming cleaner which leaves a thin wax coating on the vehicle. After leathering off...
£5.38 (exc. VAT)
A highly concentrated screen wash additive, de-icer and anti-freeze for use in all types of vehicle screen wash bottles. Dilute according to the time of year; for Summer use...